About me: Michelle


My name is Michelle and I am an avid book reader and lover of all things book related.  I have been a reader since as long as I can remember and have always had a book in my hand.  I carry a book or my tablet or Kindle everywhere I go.  Then one day I stumbled upon Literal Addiction on Facebook and I found that I love participating in the author chats and things that Chelle does.  So that is how Bookish Babbles came to be.  I want to be able to tell other readers what’s new, review the books I read and get the authors out there that way someone can find their next favorite.


I am a big home body and don’t do much besides reading unless it is with my 16 year old daughter.  We like to watch movies and go to the bookstore together but with her age who knows how long she will enjoy that.  LOL.  I love to be silly but most of the time I am totally serious.  I have 1 dog Zoey and 1 cat Sylvie and they are possibly the cutest things ever.  Our Bailey Belle passed away June 28, 2015 and we miss her so so much!   I am a midwestern girl through and through but I hate the winter.  Snow is pretty but just to look at, not to live with.

Authors/Publishers please check out my tab for information for you.

Thank you so much

Happy Reading!


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