Review for Shunned No More by Christina McKnight



O.K.  let me start out by saying I don’t think I have read a Historical Romance before.  Maybe I did when I was younger but I don’t really think so.  With that being said…I absolutely fell in love with this book!

So what did I love?  I loved that is was like I was set in the 1800’s along with the characters in the book.  I feel like I am going to the ton parties right along with them.  I loved that we got good back story on the main character, Viola, without feeling like it was too much.  I loved that we had a build up to the get together of the main characters with no instant love.

Viola was a girl in the 1800’s coming out into her first season.  She was being looked at by different guys so that they may court her.  Two of these gentlemen ended up in a dual and things go terribly wrong and Lady Vi ends up running away.

After years being gone someone comes to her Estate and purchases foals for his residence but who he is and what he wants are a mystery.

To know the rest you’ll just have to read it yourself.  Believe me you will not be disappointed.

I gave this book 4.5 stars

Buy Links:

Amazon US:  Shunned No More

Nook:  Shunned No More



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