Review: Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian


Twenty years after First Dawn, Mira, adopted daughter of Nikolai and Renata 
has become a warrior. Having her heart broke by Kellan Archers death 
8 yrs ago she has tried to move on but can't seem to get past him.
In comes Bowman with a group of human rebels. The group is trying 
to kidnap a scientist who Mira is assigned to escort to the Summit
 Meeting. At odds against each other it's a race for survival. 

I give this book Medium white starMedium white starMedium white star1/2 

I felt the plot was rushed and could have had more action..
 Some parts seem to drag on and I even skipped a few pages. 
I have read about Mira since she was a little girl and felt 
she could have had a lot more about her story. With that said,
 I am a big fan of Lara Adrian and the Midnight Breed series, 
and I would recommend this book to read.


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